Out Sourced Services

Responses to marketing, advertising, promotional and direct mail campaigns either by telephone, online, email or post, are just some of the areas where we operate outsourced services on behalf of our clients. At CDL Logistics we have special routing and tracking software that reflects not just the address of a delivery point, but also which floor of a multi-storey building it is on. The software was developed by CDL in-house, and has now been packaged as a stand-alone product that is available to third-party users. Through us you maximise the ROI from your mailings, including address verification, data cleansing, matching, building, hosting, segmentation, profiling and modelling for best sourcing. CDL Logistics will even run mailrooms on behalf of customers. It is already doing this for one major client – an operation that requires no fewer than twelve staff.

Our response management team regularly process thousands of donations (banking and thanking), orders, gifts, publications, surveys and membership subscriptions allowing our clients to focus on what they do best. Paying close attention to detail at each stage, from data entry through to banking and reporting, CDL uses robust processes to provide a full audit trail for each transaction.
  • Customer Service
    Customer satisfaction is high on the priority list at CDL, which is why we supply clients with a dedicated Client Service Manager..
  • Order Tracking
    CDL provide real-time tracking on all orders that can be viewed at any time via our integrated fulfilment system (IFS) extranet..
  • Mailroom
    At CDL Logistics, we understand that charities use direct mail because it is targeted, accountable and cost effective. Managing..